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Youth Center
It was on the 16th of February, in Fasoula, that Mr. Aristou Pantelis’s efforts, encouraged by Mr. Lino Georgiades, who was the village’s teacher at the time, resulted in the young people’s decision to breathe life into the village.

As a result, around 25 young people gathered with slogans such as Love, Solidarity and Progress and founded the Fasoula Youth Centre, Giannakis Aeroporos. Giannakis Aeroporos was a police officer who was killed during the events of ’63. The slogans were put into practice and the youth centre became a vital part of Fasoula’s social, cultural and athletic life.

During the first years of the centre’s foundation, there were aggravating and difficult circumstances to face. The young people felt strongly about the centre and gave everything they had so they could support and strengthen their youth centre, which they felt as part of themselves.

The most important problem to be faced at that time was housing and the young populations’ constant transfer resulted in negative consequences. The situation described above remained the same until 1985, when Mr. Dimitris Spourgiti met Mr. Christodoulo Veniamin.Mr. Veniamin was emotionally involved with the youth centre and the whole community of Fasoula and became one of the most important supporters of the centre as well as one of the most important contributors to the community’s progress.It was his support that resulted into the construction of the private building whose opening was made possible on the 26th of August, after Mr. Veniamin’s initiative to receive subsidy. Thanking and praising Mr. Veniamin would not have been enough, so the centre awarded him with the highest honorary distinction. Mr Dimitris Spourgiti was given the position of honorary secretary.

The youth centre made important proceedings in the filed of sports and won many titles in the various championships of the Youth Centres’ Athletic Confederacy. There were times where the whole community was concerned with the football team. The famous Celebrations following a title have been recorded as part of the community’s history.

The youth centre consists of 45 members who work according to their ancestors’ achievements and follow the slogans, which lead to the centre’s foundation in 1976. Love, Solidarity and Progress are values that will continue to guide the Youth centre’s future.

The youth Centre is always open to organised groups who wish to cooperate in the organising of events and programming for the community’s welfare.



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