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Sculpture, one of the visual arts, aims at depicting real or imaginary figurations by using solid material. The result stands forward as volume, that is, in all three dimensions. According to one view, sculpture also includes carving images without volume, on solid material. Sculpture is that form of art which is depicted on solid material or objects. The most ancient form of the art of sculpture is the one where sculptors work with wood, stone, clay, ivory or bronze. Sculpture was used for religious, decorative or memorial purposes. Since prehistoric times and up to a period known in Greek as the “Orinakeio period”, around 30,000 B.C., man has carved in full sculptured form female figures, extremely expressive, and having as their main feature bulging hips. In the 20th century abstract sculpture dominates and all representational elements vanish, using only metal, nylon etc.

Nowadays, a self-taught sculptor becomes known by depicting his sensitivities, his romanticism but also his realism through his works.

Filippos Yiapanis comes from the beautiful city of Evagoras, Famagusta. He was born in 1957. At the age of 17, on the 20th July 1974, he was forced to leave his hometown because of the Turkish invasion.

He studied naval construction in Greece. When he came back to Cyprus, he could not work as a naval constructor, so he worked in the family business. He started working with clay in his free time. Many people used to ask him, “Why did you start making sculptures? Because I stopped doing everything else and started out of nowhere making sculptures of copper”. There was nobody around to teach him. He had the will and the conviction that he could make it and he did.

The first time he ever got involved in sculpture was in high school, when he made a sculpture out of wood. He always wanted to be a sculptor and his wish came true after some years, at the age of 35. At the beginning and during his free time he started making sculptures out of clay. Gradually sculpture turned form a part-time job into a full-time profession.

His first exhibition was in 1996. His works where exhibited in many places in Cyprus, along with other sculptors.

Sculptor Yiapanis had just created his own workshop in a small village 8 km, north of the town of Limassol, called Fasoula. His goal and dream is to accommodate foreign sculptors to give them the chance to work and stay for as long as they wish in Cyprus and thus exchange ideas on sculpture. His workshop has a huge garden full of sculptures he himself has made. In addition, his garden includes a lake with fishes, water running from a stonewall and a small outdoor theatre named “Little Salamina”. The theatre is the place where he plans to organise several artistic events during summer nights with full moon.

All the sculptures in the gallery are made out of copper with patina in various colours. The sculptures are available in limited editions of 3, 6 or 12 pieces, so they can be considered as collective pieces of art. Every piece has the edition number carved on it.

From the various events that took place in the outdoor theatre “Little Salamina” 

26 June 2002

On the 26th of June 2002, the outdoor theatre “Little Salamina” was offered to the municipality of Famagusta for the organisation of several events. That night there was dancing, poetry and music. 

23 August 2002

On the 23rd of August there was an event dedicated to the full moon of August.

Poems and music were dedicated to the moon. 

19 September 2002

The 19th of September was a day of theatre and music. Parts from five different ancient tragedies were played by actress Bobbi Avraam and the musical part was composed by Vasos Argirides.




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