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Reginos and Orestis

Agios Reginos and Orestis were given birth in the city of Halkidonia, that is found at the coasts of M.Asia, at Propontida (today is said Kantikioi).

The ways and the behavior of these young persons testified their noble origin and their right upbringing, which they took from their parents, but their appearance and youthful vigor testified also their brave belief. One reason that accepted in the army of the king, in the battalion of recruits, that were very shortly distinguished.

For the parents of the Saints we do not have any information. Perhaps however they had Christian parents, because from their children's age they worshipped Christ and gave also their life for him.

They were then the difficult years of the big persecutions of our Christian faith, that the Roman Emperors with fury tried to eliminate them from the earth. Lets see however the course of brave athlete Reginos, followed by his friend Orestis.

His Roman name was Vonomilix that means Reginos. When therefore, the brave Reginos went to the army, in order to have no personal obligations, he sold his property and gave alms to the poor people. Free henceforth, it fights to live the life of prudence, applying in the practice the virtues that help a person to have an intellectual life. He rightly applies the virtue of fast eating dry bread one time per day, in order to control first the flesh and to subjugate in the errand of God. He is continuously practiced in the devotion, even if he is in the army` above all it is the God life and not the sinful errand of flesh. The idolater's colleagues of Reginos saw him and betrayed him to the sovereign Prezentino the Stratilati, who asked to present the athlete in front of him. The idolater sovereign, ask the assisting soldiers, who is he what is his name, and those said, it is said Vonomilix that means Reginos. The sovereign asked Reginos if it is truth what his colleagues said. Then the brave Christ athlete with courage answered to the tyrant: "What they have against me, let them say it ». Of course Prezentinos was already informed for everything and he did not need the answer of Reginos, that’s why he told him: « Sacrifice to the Gods, Reginos, in order to rescue your life and to avoid the tortures ». The answer of Reginos was also courageous: « I do not sacrifice in your false gods, only in my god, because he is the real God, which made the sky and the earth, the sea and everything that exist in it. I sacrifice in my God that from the beginning created everything, and only in This God I will be sacrificed, your gods are deaf idols and without breath and life ».

With this courageous answer of Reginos the Prezentinos full of anger and with rage asked nine soldiers to lay him down at the ground of witness and punish him. He laid down with patience full of passion for the Christ and he endured the hard punishment from the soldiers up to the time his fleshes were ragged and the ground become red from the blood of the Christian athlete.

The executioners were tired, but the fighter glorified God, that demanded him to be tortured for His name. The tortures of Reginos did not finish, but more painful methods were employed by the tyrant. They brought a copper table were they lighted fire, and they laid Reginos on the table in order to be burned. However, the God that knows to save his slaves from the malice of devil, it heard the pray of his fighter, it neutralized the fire and changed it into freshness, and Reginos remained unaffected, without the least mark on his body.

This marvel astonished those watching the scene and especially the sovereign, and Prezentinos began to say to the Saint, « Reginos, sacrifice in the gods in order to honor them and I will give bigger honors in advance. If you don’t obey it, I will throw in the sea to become food for the fishes ". Reginos answers to the tyrant with these words. "The honors, that you promised to me, leave them for you in order to take them with you in the fire of hell. Also about throwing me in the sea , I don’t care, because God, that rescued the prophet Jonas from the abdomen of the big cetaceans, he will rescue me from the sea also. For your gods, I repeat to you, that all your gods are demons, and only Christ is the real God».

Then the sovereign became very angry and ordered to bring him a big bag, they put Reginos in it and secured it with pencil, he delivered him to his soldiers and ordered them to take him far away into the sea and throw him to become food for the fishes. The soldiers took the bag with Reginos somewhere 40 miles in the sea. They threw him and they came back.

As soon as the soldiers threw him at the bottom of the sea, the bag was tear out and he was free again while two dolphins that were found there took him and brought him to the coasts. When the Saint appeared to come from far away on the ridge of a dolphin, the news were spread very quickly and many people run to see what was happening, and Orestis also, they went to the beach and while seeing what was happening they shouted "Great is the God of Christians ». The idolater sovereign, seeing the Saint coming out alive from the sea, believed that Reginos was saved via magic. The friend of Reginos, Orestis, declared the Christ and many from the idolaters believed in Christ. The disrespectful Prezentinos ordered to arrest Reginos, Orestis and many of those that became Christians, they put them in the prison until the next day in order to it decide the way to kill them in order to punish them.

In the prison Reginos taught the new Christians the truths of the Gospel and fixed them in faith and in death for Christ. In this cheerful and intellectual meeting in prison he dominated the courage and the hot faith to the real God and the prayer of the prisoners became warmer, waiting for help from God, which came very soon. At the dawn, that the prayer reached the climax, an angel from God came, he opened the doors of prison, they and were all free and each one followed the way led by God. Saint Reginos and Orestis and certain others, led by the charm of God, came to Cyprus, where idolatry was still controlling people, roughly the third person, or the fourth century, when all these happened. When the team of these faithful people reached Cyprus, they were spread out in various places and had a hermit life far away from the world. The brave Reginos and his friend Orestis followed the missionary way. They reached Neapolis of Limassol and they declare Christianity. They finallyreached the village Fasoula, 8 kilometers from Limassol.In the village existed a center of idolatry, as it appears from the old ruins discovered. There the residents of the region arrested them, they tortured them and decapitated them.

Some Christians, that secretly watched what happened, went there, and took the Saints to bury them.

They have passed a lot of years since then and Christianity took the place of idolatry. Then as it is reported in old Christian books, the Saints appeared in the dream of a priest, where they indicated him the place where their grave was found. The priest searched they place indicated to him by the Saints and he found the holy including sheath of their relic. Above the sheath of their relic, the names of the Saints were written, according always to old Christian books. The priest in order to honor the two Saints, he built a great temple in their name , and painted also a picture which he placed in the temple. Today this great temple is spoiled, but according to the foundations of the initial temple its walls were built with stones having a height of 2 meters. At this place, every year at the 20th of August, the community of Fasoula is celebrating and many people visit the place to honor the Saints and to thank them for the miracles they have done, always with the charm of God.

Under the flooring of the initial temple it exists a vaulted cavern, where it is still found the sheath of the relic of the Saints.

The Agios Reginos and Orestis are honored so much in the community of Fasoula and all around the island of Cyprus. Except from Fasoula, the Saints are honored particularly in the village Apliki of Nicosia, and in the village Tremithousa of Paphos where there are temples dedicated to them. Our Church honors the memory of Agios Reginos and Orestis on the 20th of August.



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